What To Expect From My Coaching

Coaching for Amazon Sellers

Personalized & Personal

In this world of email, websites and Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, I think we have lost the element of actual human interaction. My coaching sessions are designed to actually talk with you as a real person and listen to what’s important to you and your business.

I want to find ways that benefit you. To take what you’re working on and input my experience and ideas to make your ideas and products more successful, especially in the cut-throat ecommerce industry.

We will talk in one hour sessions so we can have enough time to get into the depth you deserve. We can talk about anything you like. However, many people have chosen to talk about:

  • Validation of your market and product (“How do I find a good product?”)
  • Reviews of your Amazon sales page, pictures, copy, etc.
  • Analyzing competition
  • More efficient ways to find and deal with suppliers
  • Establishing not just one product but a complete brand
  • Evolving into different channels like e-commerce websites (eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, Choxi, etc)
  • Ways to increase the value of your Amazon brand and to set your business up to sell
  • Access to our tools (Google Sheets, Amazon Scrapers, etc)
  • and much more

Success Stories

See what real people are saying about us and hear their success stories.


Eric P.

“Argin! Thank you very much my friend! Your teachings have made the concept of selling on Amazon a breeze. Thanks for connecting me with a mastermind group and getting that first product launched! Appreciate it bro.”


Edward and Fiona S.

“The guys at EverydayEcom have been fantastic, they’ve walked us through step by step how to research, source and launch our products on Amazon. We’ve been on Etsy for years but Amazon is a whole new ball game! Thanks a ton!”


Medvin M.

“I can’t say how pleased I am with this service, the help was beyond what I was expecting. With patience all of my eCommerce questions were answered and explained. I’ve been launching several products this year and plan to grow this business because of Argin’s help.”


Joshua E.

“I’ve been trying to get into selling online for many months now and finally made my first $2,000 in sales within two weeks with help from EverydayEcom… you’re the man Argin.”

How is My Coaching Structured?

Personalized for Your Convenience

Communication & Convenience

My main goal to help my students so I have made this coaching very affordable. We will communicate via Skype or Google Hangouts so I can share my screen with you or vice versa. The calls can be reasonably spread out to meet your time frame. I try to work around your schedule. If you have any concerns feel free to email, call or text me.

Email: Argin@EverydayeCom.com
Office: 323.843.2845
Mobile (Call or Text): 818.531.8091
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5 Hours of Coaching
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What We Do

Brand Management

We work with your team to tell your brand story exactly how your brand exists on other channels. We then optimize it.

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Amazon Advertising

Amazon is the fastest growing media channel on the web and often out-performs other direct channels.

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Industry Research

Amazon has a massive amount of accessible data that if mined right, can help brands with product development and category creation.

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Pricing Monitoring

We monitor and track pricing to ensure all sellers are abiding by your brands’ pricing and promotion rules.

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Amazon Ecosystem

Amazon is not just a set it and forget it platform. There are hundreds of things that need to be done hourly, daily, weekly.
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Vendor Central and 3rd party logistics is complicated and can be a challenge if you aren’t set up for it. We manage the entire process.

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Optimize Listing

Full service listing management: Image recommendations, written content, Enhanced and A Plus content creation and more.

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Seller ID

We investigate, identify, and eradicate un-authorized resellers of your brand to help you take control of your brand back.

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Review Management

Daily management of customer reviews is the only way to keep your brands Amazon rating high. Our team monitors and responds.

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